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To find the highest quality products, you first need to look at the source. Each coffee bean and tea leaf is the sum of everything that goes into growing it. In addition to the cleanliness of not having herbicides and fungicides in your cup, organic coffees and teas absorb all of the natural nutrients from the soil which gives them the richest, fullest flavors possible.


Our coffee makes its way to us in green form. These high-quality beans need to be met with a high-quality maker, which is why we roast coffee in-house with a Loring Smart Roaster. This unique roaster beautifully compliments our vision of a sustainable coffee shop. The Loring allows us to nail cleanliness and clarity, minimizing our environmental footprint with recirculating energy and burning off up to 80% of greenhouse gases.


When we try a tea we like, we want to be able to share this experience with our community. Currently, we stock several organic loose-leaf teas from all over the world. We make our own chai blend for lattés, and even our most flavorful fruity iced teas come unsweetened (of course, we'll be happy to make them as sweet as you like with any of our cane sugar, 100% natural syrups)

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