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In addition to providing the community with a wide variety of organic coffees and teas, we work hard to maintain a sustainable model of consumption. Beyond simple recycling, we ensure our paper products are made from as much post-consumer recyclable material as available.

Our “plastic” products are actually not plastic at all, but a plastic-like material made from corn. Traditional plastic products are made from oil. Not only are they a drain on precious natural resources, but they also take 200 years to biodegrade. Conversely, our corn-based plastics support American farmers, are less destructive to the environment, and biodegrade in only 45-60 days when exposed to the elements.

We are excited that a significant portion of our company profits are donated to non-political charitable foundations worldwide that support our mission to promote education, health, and the environment.


Core Values

The Lost Bean team lives by these core values


Our aim is to be an active participant in our community, giving back and creating a welcoming and safe environment for our customers and employees. This extends beyond our own borders, as Organic coffee positively affects the communities we live in, the environment, and the communities we touch.


We believe that kindness is integral to our relationships and interactions with customers and team members. We strive to make kindness fundamental to our decision making, thinking about all those who will be affected by our choices, even if they never step foot into our shops.


We strive to have integrity in everything we do, from our founders to team members. This starts with our selection of the highest quality green coffee beans roasted on our highly specialized fluid bed roaster; to the training of our team, the decisions on what we purchase, and the products we use. We aim to keep integrity from our first choice to your last sip.


We believe excellence is in the details. It’s how we serve our customers, how we roast each bean, how we make each drink and item of food. We won’t cut corners at the expense of quality and experience. We want our entire staff to be proud of the work they put into every detail of the process.